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Taking Your Fitness to the Next Level

We're not like other gyms.

We created Red Kilo because people need more. They need better. They need different.


Our personal training sessions focus on strength, conditioning, and education.


The first training session is essentially a class room lecture to go over training methodology, application of SMART principals, biomechanics, and equipment. The objective is to ensure the program is aligned to your goals. Our training principals and how we train is to have the entire body in motion.

This means the following:
1. Different M1 Tank or M4 Tank Sleds training such as drags, pushes, slides, and more.
2. Squats Variations using weights or fly wheel.
3. Full Body Movements using free weights or fly wheel.
4. Sprint work on the Assault Treadmill.
5. Multi joint movements with the Clean and Jerk Sled.

Ideally, we will do three movements in an hour and move with purpose and intensity. At the end of three weeks, we will measure progress. These measurements are based on Baselines developed in the first week of the program. This program and what we will do is not typical of any personal training program out there. You will learn a lot and you will be doing highly effective ROI movements that you never did before but you will get accomplish your goals.


At the end of four months, I want you to fire me.

My objective is for you to walk away with the knowledge to train yourself and know what to do.

See training in action.

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